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What is your Courage IQ?

What is your “Courage IQ”? (a two minute test)

Do you have all the love you want in your life?
Do you have all the time you want in your life?
Do you have all the money you want in your life?
Is your life as exciting and fulfilling as you would like?

You will have all of these if your “Courage IQ” is high enough.
Here’s a test to find out your Courage IQ and its meaning.
And we’ll tell you how to increase it , if you like.

Will you choose the courage to take this quiz (right now!) to find out how much courage you usually choose?

Each question below has a simple “a or b” answer. Answer these questions honestly, not how you think you “should” or “want” to answer them. Click your answers as you go. For some questions you will want to choose either “both” or some other answer. Make a choice, even if it seems that your answer is the “least wrong one.”

You can get a good feeling for your Courage IQ by answering only TEN questions. 

This will probably take you LESS THAN TWO MINUTES.

At the end, I will explain what your score means about you. Then I’ll tell you how to increase your Courage IQ!

For each question, ask yourself,
“Which of these two answers more accurately reflects my behavior or feelings?”

If you don't want to answer a question, answer "a" will be assumed as your answer.

1. I have the opportunity to choose courage…   
    a) once a week or less.   
    b) once a day or more.
2. Which sentiment most matches your own?
    a) “Life is hard.”
    b) “Life is easy.”
3. I think that life is unfair…
    a) quite often.
    b) very rarely.
4. I feel best about myself when…
    a) I get the result.
    b) I choose the courage to get the result, regardless of whether or not I get
what I want
5. Which of these two statements resonate more with you?
    a) “I never have enough time to do everything I want.”
    b) “Time is rarely a big problem for me.”
6. When it comes to doing the “right thing,”  which of these are you more likely to
    a) “I should just do what I know to be right, no matter the costs and benefits.”
    b) “Let me examine the costs and benefits and make a choice based upon
7. The more important thing for me is to live…
    a) a comfortable life.
    b) an exciting and fulfilling life.
8. If I need to say “no” to someone,
    a) it often seems like an unwanted or unpleasant task.
    b) I usually see it as an opportunity for choosing courage.
9. When I notice that I am avoiding something, I often…
    a) deal with it reluctantly or just bury it a little deeper.
    b) look for the opportunities for courage and maybe even breakthroughs.
10. Which of these two thoughts and feelings fits you most of the time?
    a) “Someday I will be living the life I really want.”
    b) “Today I am living the life I really want.”
Were you surprised by any of your answers? If you’d like to learn more about yourself and ensure that your score is more accurate, answer the following fifteen questions before tallying your final score.

However, if you'd like to get your rough score now, click HERE
and I will show your results.

11. Other people…
      a) often overstep my boundaries.
      b) rarely overstep my boundaries.
12. Which of these two thoughts feels more right to you?
      a) “I need to sacrifice now for my future.”
      b) “I will choose my creativity to enjoy the process now, and yet still serve my
13. The more important thing to show to our children is…
      a) love.
      b) respect.
14. Which of these sentiments do you agree with more?
      a) “The world would be a much better place if people weren’t so selfish.”
      b) “In contributing to others, people need to make sure they do it selfishly.”
15. When things don’t go according to my plans,
      a) I wonder why this happens to me.
      b) I get curious about the gifts that I might discover or create in what
16. If I make a request and someone says “no” to me, I most often think and feel,
      a) “I wonder what I did wrong.”
      b) “That’s interesting. What more might I learn from this situation?”
17. When I think about my childhood, I think…
      a) “I was shortchanged.”
      b) “Even though it didn’t always seem like it then, I can now see the gifts in all my early
18. I believe that…
      a) “Always keeping my promises is of paramount importance.”
      b) “Breaking a promise will sometimes serve my integrity.”
19. With any specific course of action, I will…
      a) persevere with whatever I start.
      b) be open to re-examining the costs and benefits of my course of action,with
quitting as an option always available to me.
20. Whenever someone pleases me,
      a) I don’t often express my appreciation.
      b) I am grateful and eager that I can tell them how they make my life brighter.
21. Whenever I am frustrated because I can’t seem to get the behavior I want from another,
      a) I usually look for ways to increase the pressure or control.
      b) I more often realize that I will lose whatever influence I might have by trying
to control too much.
22. Whenever I am upset with myself or I feel guilty,
      a) I swear to do things differently next time.
      b) I try to understand how “another part of me” was trying to do something
important for me.
23. When I make a decision to follow someone else’s advice or wishes,
      a) I often feel relieved that someone else is taking the responsibility.
      b) I know that I am assuming the risk of their decision for my life.
24. When something seems off in my relationship with a friend,
      a) I will be kind and keep it to myself.
      b) I will ask my friend to help me get through the discomfort.
25. I can find something that inspires me in everyone…
      a) rarely.
      b) almost always. 
For those of you who are still enjoying the process of this test, we have a special bonus. You can answer another 25 questions (and there won’t be any more after that!) and ensure that your Courage IQ score is the most accurate possible. 

However, if you'd like to get your rough score now, click HERE
and I will show your results.

26. I will tell the truth….
      a) in any and all circumstances.
      b) in all cases, except when the projected costs of doing so
significantly outweigh the benefits.
27. In my relationship with my spouse/children/friends/colleagues/teachers/boss, I
      a) that I have a right to be treated fairly.
      b) that I will do what it takes to get what I want in these relationships.
28. I often get the impression from other people that…
      a) they feel like I don’t listen to them.
      b) they really feel like I listen to them.
29. Which is a more accurate description of your life style?
      a) “I often find myself on the edge of not having enough money.”
      b) “Money is not major issue in my life.”
30. Which statement are you more likely to agree with?
      a) “Fear is something to be overcome.”
      b) “I can use the energy of my fear to serve me.”
31. Are you more likely to say or think,
      a) “I don’t have the courage to do it?” 
      b) “I am not choosing the courage to do it?”
32. If your heart is broken when a love affair ends, are you more likely to think and
      a) “I’ll never let myself fall in love that deeply again.” or “Why does this
always happen to me?”
      b) “I am so grateful for the love I felt this time.”
33. Do you think that choosing courage is…
      a) hard?
      b) easy?
34. When something doesn’t go according to plan, I look for…
      a) who is at fault.
      b) what I can do to get what I want.
35. The number one priority/focus in my life is to…
      a) get the results.
      b) enjoy the process.
36. Which of these two sentiments are you more likely to act upon?
      a) “I prefer that another introduce a new friend to me.”
      b) “I see almost everybody as a friend waiting-to-happen.”
37. When I consider asking someone for what I want, the first thing I think is…
      a) “How will I feel if they say ‘no’?”
      b) “What an adventure to uncover either a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’!”
38. If I am happy with a part of my life, but I see a way to serve my passions even
      a) I will stick with what I have.
      b) I will seriously consider stepping into the new opportunity.
39. Whenever someone tries to tell me what to do,
      a) I feel a bit rebellious.
      b) I really listen to what they suggest, looking carefully at the costs and
40. Whenever I don’t choose the courage I think I should,
      a) I tell myself I should do better next time.
      b) I feel compassion for the part of me that wants to feel safe in the moment.
41. Whenever I feel guilty,
      a) I think that I deserve to feel that way.
      b) I look for the resisted fear that the guilt is trying to protect me from.
42. Which of these would you agree with more?
      a) “Fear is the opposite of love.”
      b) “Fear is one expression of love.”
43. When something I am going for is very important to me,
      a) I know that I mustn’t fail.
      b) I am willing to accept the possibility of failure.
44. When something doesn’t measure up to my standards and ideals, I feel…
      a) that something is wrong.
      b) that something is interesting.
45. When it seems that I have been misunderstood, I…
      a) assume it’s the other person’s responsibility.
      b) wonder how my communication might be different to get what I want.
46. I will take a risk in going for something when…
      a) I feel a certain level of confidence.
      b) I am excited about having it in my life.
47. When I feel angry,
      a) I will either express my righteousness or keep it inside.
      b) I will see if I can find the hurt underneath the anger and embrace that hurt
48. Which of these sentiments fits you better?
      a) “I often find myself annoyed with or resentful of others.”
      b) “I rarely find myself annoyed with or resentful of others.”
49. When something important is not going well, 
      a) I will either hope things will go better or I will feel hopeless.
      b) I will look at the costs, benefits and risks, and choose courage to either move ahead
or stop, with my eyes open.
50. The way I live my life, others would think that…
      a) getting things accomplished is what I set my heart on most.
      b) living my life as “a work of art” is what inspires me.


To get your final score, click HERE
and I will show your results.

Your Courage IQ score is

91-100 Congratulations! You're obviously a person who's in love with your life and the living of it! You love risk, you make friends with your fear, and you tend to figure the odds quite accurately. People tend to see you as living a charmed life and are often a bit jealous. Life is a zest filled adventurous game. Problems and challenges just make the journey more interesting! Choosing courage is mostly second nature to you and you're always open to how to fine-tune the game of life.

Click HERE to finish up.

Your Courage IQ score is

81-90 Bravo! You have already powerfully created a life you love to live. Your intuition serves you well. Your peers admire you, envy you and wonder how you do it. The choices of courage in those last recalcitrant sectors of your life will at least double your excitement and fulfillment.

Click HERE to finish up.

Your Courage IQ score is

71-80 My compliments! Many people express admiration for your way of living, but you are aware of the cracks in your confidence that let self doubt creep in. Some parts of life feel easy and others you prefer to delegate or avoid looking at, because they seem hard. Consider the possibility that a life beyond your dreams could be just around the corner as you learn to embrace your fears and choose courage in the areas that have eluded your resolve in the past.

Click HERE to finish up.

Your Courage IQ score is

61-70 Nice going! So much courage dared and so much courage left to explore and choose and reap the benefits of. You've chosen courage enough that you're like a stallion in a corral with your head over the rail gazing hungrily at the hills as your flared nostrils tantalize you with the scents of freedom. Consider the possibility that your release will be realized with choices of courage.

Click HERE to finish up.

Your Courage IQ score is

51-60 You are happier with your life than many of your peers. But when you look up the ladder, you wonder how some others are living more zestfully than you? Life is not as much fun as you thought it would be when you grew up and you notice that people several rungs above you seem playful as though life is just one big game. Sometimes envy wells up. Consider the possibility that adding choices of courage to more of your life domains will let you step from purgatory into wonderland!

Click HERE to finish up.

Your Courage IQ score is

41-50 Sometimes it seems like your running just to stay even and then it gets worse! Your options seem limited or uninviting. If you could just find a safe holding pattern, you'd be content. Consider the possibility that focus on safety is the problem and the path to freedom and ease can only be accessed through choices of courage. When you declare "Boy am I scared" and play with your fears and acknowledge yourself for all courageous acts, magic happens.

Click HERE to finish up.

Your Courage IQ score is

31-40 There was a time when adulthood looked like such a splendid adventure and now it just feels like never ending work, responsibility and bills. Every once in a while you binge on some fun but it takes the form of escape more than the joyous adventures of childhood. What ever happened? Consider the possibility that choices of courage will open the door to a vitality you thought was lost to you forever.

Click HERE to finish up.

Your Courage IQ score is

21-30 Life seems like a marathon scramble. There do not seem to be any choices open to you that would free you from this odious rat race. Resignation and cynicism have poisoned the dreams you once cherished. The operative phrase above is "open to you!" Toy with the possibility that these (it's not clear here what the word these refers to. And I like the thought that you wish to interject here) you are resisted fears that could be played with. Tinker with the notion that there are courageous choices that could be embraced. Let in the idea that choices of courage are your ticket to freedom.

Click HERE to finish up.

Your Courage IQ score is

11-20 Life seems like a crap shoot that you came out on the wrong end of. The world is a frightening place. Even hope is scarce and must be mistrusted! Consider the possibility that there is another way of living that you are programmed to screen out! Consider the possibility that life has a soft side, a warm benevolent side, a playful side, a belonging side, a rewardingly intimate side, a romantic side, a team connection side, a productive side and an ease of being side. Consider the possibility that you have almost no awareness of this, not because it's not there, but because of the interpretations you developed to make the world seem safer when you were a youngster. I invite you to explore the options of courageous choices and possibility thinking. It's through choices of courage that you can discover the doors to confidence, self-esteem, and the joy of being alive. The upside for you in doing this work is beyond your current comprehension. 

Click HERE to finish up.

Your Courage IQ score is

1-10 Earth is a frightening place! You want escape. Anybody who says it's not is a character to be wary of. There is a motor mouth voice on your shoulder who's mantra keeps you always mindful of the dangers, evils, can't dos, etc. and sometimes you wish it would just shut up and leave you alone. Options to get ahead seem nonexistent and you feel hopeless. Consider the possibility that choices of courage in nearly every domain of your life can release you from a hell that you believe is just the way it is. They will open the doors to the presence of love, joy, play, zest, accomplishment, connection, satisfaction, and ease!

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